About Me

I am in the middle, my kids around me, in London.
Of course, I am doing the classic "pull down the shirt"
over my tummy maneuver.
My name is Jen. Ever since I had my first child, who is now in high school, I have struggled to find a balance in being healthy. I think about my weight a lot. I also exercise a lot. I am one of the rare people who actually enjoy exercise, but I also enjoy food too. I thank my Italian heritage for that.
I have fallen in love with motivating and inspiring others to change their life. That is why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Getting my health back has brought so much happiness to my life and I want everyone to feel that! 

Besides a coach, I am a wife and mom of two. Our family recently came back from spending two years in Beijing, China.  Living out of the country definitely made some challenges about staying healthy. If you would like to follow our adventures in China, visit my other blog. Now we are living the dream by living less than a mile from the beach. 

We can do this together!
Join me!
PS I really, really love comments!
Here I am now! Let's inspire each other!

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