Monday, October 13, 2008

~ why a book~

Welcome to a project that has been in my heart and mind and on my small, petite frame for a very long time. You see, when I was little I wanted to be a novelist. My first two years of college I went from a journalism major to a creative writing major to an English major. Guess what I graduated in?...Child Development.

As I moseyed down the path of life I always kept the idea of writing a book in the back of my mind. Frankly, I never found anything that I felt compelled to write about...until a long airplane ride and it hit me like a ton of bricks! ME AND MY WEIGHT ISSUES! As I whipped out my iPhone (because I had no pen or paper on the plane) I fiercely typed in six hours of thoughts. It was very clear to me that this would be like no other weight loss/or lack of weight loss book out there. It was going to be a hoot for everyone, big or small, to read.

Then it dawned on me. If I have funny, introspective thoughts about this subject then I KNOW other women do too. And here we are, on Behind The Refrigerator Door, ready to join in this process together. Let the fun begin!


♪Emmy♪ said...

ok. i don't have any yet. will tell you when. (hopefully i don't need to say anything about that yet)

Jan said...

This is really awesome Jen. I think we can all benefit from your journey.

K~ said...

Hey, sounds like a great idea. You know how I feel about books lol (love;)) And if you ever need a reader, I would gladly trade you a chapter for a chapter. Good luck and happy writing!

Tammy said...

Count me in girl!!! I'm proud of you!!!