Monday, October 26, 2009


Okay, so I know it is no excuse but I am Italian and it is not uncommon for us Italianos to celebrate life's joy with food! Whether it be big events like birthdays, vacations, weddings, etc food is the main part of the festivities!

I also would celebrate the little things in life with food also. I would look forward to every opportunity to partake of a "treat" just to celebrate any moment for whatever reason. When an opportunity would present itself (especially chocolate) I would tell myself why I deserved it. Some of my reasons were: I worked hard today, I am a good person, Hubby is gone again, I did _________ well, etc.

When I would be at a restaurant, that would be a celebration in itself. I would order whatever I wanted because I would say: I may not have this opportunity again for a long time so I'd better take advantage of it, _________ food would make this experience so much better, She is eating what she wants- why can't I too?

Unfortunately, the opportunities to partake of junk were not few and far between. The experience never was better because I felt icky after because I was too full or sick, and I will NEVER EVER be that girl who can eat junk and look petite!!! NEVER!

~ Now life is different! I am celebrating soooo much more but without all the extra calories!

In my master bathroom, behind the opened door there is a wall that I can see when the door is closed. I have mentioned this bulletin board wall before. I put stickie notes up whenever I make a healthy choice. Here are some of my celebrations.... my daughter says I am bragging, but hey! I'm not waiting for anyone else to pat me on my back!
~ I completely cut out soda
~ I only ate half of a Thai Chicken Salad
~ I ordered fat free dressing for dinner
~ I have recorded every bite on "Lose It" for 21 days
~ I have walked 28 days
~ At Disneyland I made good choices the entire time
~ I went to the movies and ate nothing
~ I went to a party, brought a healthy dish and ate only that
~ I passed up banana bread at church
~ I went to a birthday party and did not eat cake or ice cream
I encourage all of you to make a list of accomplishments. If I falter or waiver I know I can look back for strength. Oh, and if you want a pat on the back you can ALWAYS turn to me and I will celebrate with you!

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Tammy said...

I know what you mean, I used to find little celebrations. Now I celebrate a different way. I remember drinking soda after soda each, I may or may not have one every day or two. However, thanks to my wonderful job who supplies us with a crushed ice machine that will fill your cups with ice or water and ice. I love my ice and it melts at a great pace while I am working. I don't know if anyone back in Cali would recognize me....with riding the bus...I've lost 30 pounds. Now THAT"S a reason to celebrate!!!