Monday, November 16, 2009

Tales from 5:30am Workouts :)

~ One particular morning I saw some eye candy. Now I am not peaking into windows, but when I stroll by (in the dark) when the rooms are know. I didn't see this before,nor since, but one morning in two seperate houses I saw men...buff men...with their shirts off (maybe other items off too). One was making coffee while the other ironed clothes. Hehehehe...
~ This past week I rolled out of bed and grabbed the first sweats I could find. Lights off I pulled them on and went out to walk/run. I've been incorporating jogging into my workout now. One thing I've learned is jogging does not work when YOUR PANTS FALL DOWN! That is right, my sweats are now too big and they slithered down my thighs. I completed my full workout, but had to hold up my pants while doing it! Do you think anyone happen to be peaking out of the window at 5:40am???? NAH!
~Who would've thought my neighborhood would be so scandalous before 6AM!


Guest Reader said...

Well, you know there WAS that Christmas caroling night....JK!!! Congrats on the sweats falling down!!! It may have been embarrassing early in the morning, but the fact that you are slimming down for the sweats to fall down is awesome!!!!

You're an example to me. I can't run, but I walk nearly a ile everyday during my bus trips!!!

Hatch Family said...

Very cool! You should feel a huge accomplishment...keep moving!