Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did it- and hope to do it again!

Not too long ago, just about three and a half months ago, I took a step. That step was a jogging step instead of a walking one. Little did I know that that one step would open up a door that I never knew was there!

My secret of jogging got out. I began running to half of a song on my IPOD, then a whole song, then run one song/walk one song. Before I knew it, it felt better to keep jogging rather than walk and start back up again. So little by little I added song by song to my distance. Soon I lost track of the number of songs and I began to count minutes and miles!

This is my great support team who encouraged me to take the step to run in a 10K event. (I don't call them races because my goal is to finish). They directed me here for training. Their undoubting faith in me led me to have faith in myself. I would train alone during the week and run with these gals on Saturdays. Did I mention they are marathoners? Marathoners supporting little ol' me!
I have now lost 35 pounds and plan on losing 20 more!

This is all so new to me- registration-
And we're off! This is at 1/2 mile. The other girls went ahead which I was so glad about. I did not want to hold them back. We are still chatting up a storm at this point.
What a great venue. This is the San Leandro marina. It was an up and back course which means we ran 3.1 miles in and then back again. All along the water with views of San Francisco and the Oakland airport. I have to admit, though, I only noticed the view for the first mile or so.
Mile 5- notice my friend is loooooong gone. Still okay by me. I was in the zone! I think my IPOD was playing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" at this point. Do you know how many songs can relate to running? LOTS!

Total fake smile...
....until here! I could see my family and friends waiting for me and I felt like I wanted to cry! It was so amazing to accomplish something I never even wanted to do! Then I heard my 8 year old son yelling. "You psycho!" over and over. Yeah...you thought I was gonna say, "Yay Mom!" Nope he chose to deal with his emotions by calling me psycho! Needless to say, it took a little wind out of my sail! Oh well...
Hallelujah! 6.2 miles! Ran the ENTIRE way!Even Jupiter came to cheer me in. I am kindly telling my son, "Please do not call my psycho when Mommy does something great."

Ladies, I look forward to many more to come!


Tammy said...

You're a beautifully strong and passionate woman. I'm grateful the passion you've been building with running has carried you through the race. Congrats my friend!!!

Jennefer said...

I love being the fat "marathoner" in the group! :) I guess that's what eating 3 donuts after the 10k does to you!

Liz R. said...

way to go jen! love the white hat and top. you are looking so skinny!

Laura said...

Jen - MY HERO!

You are an inspiration to your friends and family! Congratulations!

Love you

lynne said...

you are awesome!!!

sevenalstons said...

I am seriously impressed ~ congratulations! Talk about a motivating post... my husband runs 5+ miles every other day and I've always thought about joining him but didn't think I'd ever be able to "catch up" with him. After reading this, I realize everyone starts somewhere and the point is that I just need to start! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Hatch Family said...

awesome job on your weight loss!