Monday, August 22, 2011

Old habits~ New place

If you keep up with my other blog, you will know that we have moved!
We have not moved to just a new house, or a new state, or even across the country. We have moved all the way around the world to a new continent, a new country and a new city! Beijing, China!

I knew that with this transition, exercise would be so important to me. Like many others, it is often the first thing to sacrifice when life gets busy or stressed. Also, like so many others, that is when we need it the most.

I am happy to say that before we left, while all of my earthly possessions were being packed up, I kept a pretty consistent work out schedule. Now, as I am entering my third week in my new home, I am happy to report that I have consistently exercised six days a week! What is my motivation? How do I do it amongst all the change and unknown?
I am so glad you asked:)
  1. I NEED IT~ I've mentioned before that I run more for my mental health than my physical health. When I run here I feel normal. I don't need to speak the language to run, I am just me. My music is the same. My clothes are the same. My feet and body are the same. In a place where everything is so different, the "sameness" of running helps me so much.
  2. The food is not healthy~ Despite walking so much just to get around, I still feel like my calorie in and calorie out is skewed. Mostly everything here is fried, oily, buttery, etc. Fruits and vegetables are in abundance, which is fabulous! But lean meat is not. Forget ground turkey instead of ground beef. Forget white meat chicken instead of dark. Those things are available in international grocery stores, but they do cost a lot more.
  3. I feel HUGE here~ I am the first to admit that my body image has never been good. But here, thrown right into the mix of tiny women, all my body parts just seem to be much bigger. We have skinny girls in America (we all know the emphasis that is made on bodies) but these women here are different. Their bodies are petite everywhere. I try not to let it affect me, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't.
  4. I don't want to be heavier when I go home.
I feel grateful, every single day, that I began running last year. I feel grateful that I have the motivation to do it while I am here. I feel grateful that I have a beautiful place right near our apartment to run.

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