Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food For Thought

I haven't talked much about the food here in Beijing. We have been here almost four months now and people keep telling me how GOOD it is. I am just not seeing it. Why? I am not a picky eater. I just haven't had things that taste SO good . Actually, I did but it was at a Western restaurant and it was a burger with peppercorn sauce and bleu cheese (I always love that combo)! But I highly doubt that burger is what all of the foodies are raving about! To see some posts about some of my food experiences here click here, here, here and here.

However,  I am going back home to California, for the first time, in just 16 short days!!! Of course, I cannot wait to see my sweet parents, my brothers and sisters , and special friends! Of course, I can't wait to make special memories with each of them! 
I cannot obsessing about the food that I am going to eat and the tastes that I miss SO much! Why? Why is food such an important part of everything I do? I think because it never disappoints!
Here is the list of my food fantasies (in no particular order).
  • In N Out double double (yes, I eat a whole one!)
  • Fenton's toasted almond ice cream with caramel (maybe even more than once)
  • Taco Bell (why has this not come to China?)
  • Sourdough Bread toasted with real butter and hot chocolate
  • Chipotle burrito with guacomole (avocados are expensive here)
  • My mom's milanese with real mashed potatoes
  • Black Bear Diner (anything!)
  • Amici's pizza (oh the thin crust!)
  • See's Candy!!!!!!
  • My mom's Christmas cookies
  • Costco chicken bake (Oh how I miss Costco!)
I am going to gain 15 pounds!! 
And you know what? I will deal with it when I get back!
What are your favorite foods that you would miss terribly?

**if this post seems to be a little of food overload it is probably because I am posting it on Thanksgiving Day in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving and I am really, really missing all the fixins**

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Liz R. said...

i love chipotle AND amici's!! meatball pizza (can't remember the name of it... pepperoni, mushrooms, meatballs). that is one pizza i will always miss!!

luckily, chipotle is perfect for my diet. and yogurtland is right across the street there in dublin to top it right off. (yogurt land has the creamiest fro yo of any! So good)