Monday, August 13, 2012

New School Year...New Resolve

Maybe it is the teacher in me.
Maybe it is the seven week vacation we had.
Maybe it is just how I am wired.

When a new school year begins I get the itch to reflect and revamp! I always feel the need to make changes. Maybe because I think that I can be successful in my changes on this schedule, rather than a twelve month time period. I taught for over 12 years and it became natural for me to break down time in until Christmas break, Christmas break until Spring Break, Spring Break until the last day of school. Much easier, you see. 

Kids just started back. Oldest began high school (sniff sniff), youngest in fifth grade. I feel I have ample time on my hands now, although I know it will get eaten up. I feel invigorated by new possibilites and new projects.

It used to be things like cleaning out the toy room, closet or cleaning curtains. Tis not so. Kids are grown, we only have one closet here in China and the apartment staff cleans the curtains. Yes!

This time the itching is to enrich my life! I am thirsting to study the scriptures, not read them. I need something where questions are posed and explanations are given...because I just can't seem to get it on my own! My notebook is fresh and I am ready to go! I also decided to not sit in the back of Sunday School with my friends and I moved to the front, all alone. 

I am intrigued by this idea of "clean eating". Realizing it is a new buzzword, I am interested in the aspect of less preservatives, chemicals and refined flours and sugars...more natural eating . I am not so interested in the aspect of making sure every container is BPA free, etc. I have realized that eating better is crucial to being healthy and just going to the gym does not make a healthy person. That could be the seven weeks of food overload talking though.

In an attempt to be happier in the skin I'm in, I shopped over our summer holiday. I looked for things that suited me, but took the style factor up a notch. I tried to make my "Pinterest Closet Board" a reality, instead of relying on the comforts-of-city-life clothes I became accustomed to. I resolve to wear the accessories I bought, apply make-up daily and wear cute clothes no matter what my plans are for the day. I am done waiting around until I am a size 2 to dress stylish! So...there! 

These are some areas of my life that I am working on this school year...are there any areas of your life that you will be working on?

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Liz R. said...

love it! so inspiring! i too am needing a major revamp, specifically in my spiritual goals. how long has my recommend been expired?? i dare not share!

regarding clothes... which i love as much as you love decorating your house... i figure if you only buy cute clothes you will always look cute. i also don't own a pair of sweat pants, besides stretchy running ones and my pajama pants are ones i'd never go out in public wearing... i think those are key things to forcing yourself to get dressed in regular clothes... (of course i am guilty of putting on a hat and wearing my stretchy pants to costco too!

good luck with your goals. i appreciate the inspiration!