Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's In Your Gym Bag?

Let's face it, the smallest little inconvenience can make all of my good intentions to go to the gym fly right out the window. I like to roll out of bed, brush my teeth and be working up a sweat as soon as I can. If I have to gather things up or hunt things down, chances are the feeling will pass.

So part of my key to success is keeping a well-equipped gym bag ready to go at all times. My situation is a little different and presents a few challenges, but here is how I deal with them.

  • A Good Bag- I use a backpack, my daughter's "past season" one to be exact. I walk 20 minutes to the gym so this is much more comfortable than a regular duffle type.
  • Shoes- These are the shoes I have. I keep them in my bag night and day and only use them at the gym. See below for what I walk in to the gym.
  • Work Out Clothes- Socks (I've panicked a few times thinking I've forgotten them so now I keep two pairs in there), bottoms, top and bra go in the night before. 
  • Swim Gear- I am lucky that my gym has a luxurious indoor lap pool. I find that my urge to swim comes on while in the middle of a long run so I ALWAYS keep a suit, goggles and swim cap in my bag.
  • Toiletry Bag- Before this, everything is pretty standard. These items are what makes my gym time most efficient. It really pays off to buy doubles of your favorite morning-routine musts. Mine are: hair ties, travel size shampoo, travel size conditioner, face wash, moisturizer (face and body), razor, deodorant!, tweezers, foundation, face powder, blush, lipstick, eye liner, mascara, lip balm, hair product, roll brush, nail file. (my gym supplies body wash, hair spray, Q-tips, combs). I always, always, always shower at the gym because I sweat so much. Getting ready for the day there makes so much more sense. A lot of times I even leave from the gym to do errands or make appointments.  
  • Water Bottle- The night before, I fill my bottle and refrigerate it and put it in the side pouch as I am heading out the door. I like it cold.
  • Energy- In another pouch I keep Crystal Light single servings, Gu Gel energy packs, Honey Stinger Energy chews, and a protein bar. I don't use the energy items or protein bars everyday, but if I have a long run or need some energy I'm glad I have it.
  • Front Pouch- Headphones, spare money (for emergencies), keys, ID.
You may wonder what I wear to and from the gym. The easiest thing to do is to wear your clothes for the day. Before you say "ewwww you haven't showered", when I get up I put on fresh undergarments and put on my "outfit" for the day. I am only walking to the gym in it and I hang it up in the locker when I get there. After my shower I have everything, including accessories and shoes, for my day. I presume those of you who work out before work have a similar routine. 

Many mornings I am so grateful for the little effort I put forth to make the ideal gym bag. Those are the mornings when I would have avoided the gym if I had to gather anything up. 
Is there something I am missing? 
Do you take your iPad to the gym to do help with your workouts?


Jennefer said...

Holy cow girl! If I had to put that much effort into working out I probably never would! I'm a wake up 5 minutes before I'm supposed to go running type exerciser!

Jen said...

That is the whole point! I made the effort once and now I have all the conveniences of home there with me everyday. Life in the city is a whole lot different than life in the suburbs.