Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Weekly Challenge ~ #6

Tracking Foods

This is, by far, in my top three ways of how to get control immediately. I use LOSE IT on my iphone and it works really, really well. I usually exercise first thing in the morning so inputting my exercise starts my day off right. On days I don't add exercise it is a struggle for me to add my foods. Similarly, I sort of feel my exercise doesn't really count if I don't input it. 

But exercise is usually not my struggle, eating portions usually is. This is where tracking foods is essential! Of course the biggest benefit is that is helps you to eat consciously, paying attention to portions and lower calorie foods. No brainer, right? So why don't we do it? Laziness. . . probably.

But apps like Lose It (no compensation whatsoever) and My Fitness Pal have made tracking SO easy! They not only have huge data bases with hundreds of foods, they are always adding popular restaurants too. If you are like me and often eat the same meals you can add an entire meal with one click rather than always inputting the same foods over and over. But my favorite advancement in these apps is the scanner. Any barcode on a food is read and immediately inputted, no typing at all!

If technology still scares you, I totally believe in the good ole pen and paper method too! A small notebook works just as well. 

Write it down and YOU WILL see results!
Week 6 Challenge
  • Continue to break a sweat and pump your heart for one hour, five days a week.

  • Continue for AT LEAST five days a week have AT LEAST one serving of fruits and/or vegetables at EVERY meal.

  • For THREE days this week implement thirty minutes of strength training.

  • Drink at least EIGHT glasses of water EVERY DAY.

  • Each day that you exercise, spend an additional ten minutes doing CORE STRENGTHENING exercises. 

  • For SEVEN days write down everything you eat and drink. 

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