Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disneyland Resort ~ The HEALTHIEST Place on Earth

Yesterday my kiddos and I (dad had to work) went to the "happiest place on earth". I decided I wanted to prove that health is a choice and you can even make wise healthy choices at Disneyland Resort in California.  Come on, admit it, haven't you justified high calorie foods at an amusement park because a) you are on vacation b) food is part of the fun c) walking burns so many calories that you might even lose weight OR d) ALL OF THE ABOVE ?

I have been there. The food has always been the most memorable part of any recreation. It is a stubborn habit to break, 
but it IS possible.
 Here is proof!

Both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) were not opening until 9am so I was still able to wake up at a reasonable hour, 6am, to get my exercise in. I followed up with a healthy Shakeology shake to get my day started off right. 
What is Shakeology? Click here
 I packed some protein bars, carrots, tomatoes and snap peas in my backpack. We went to California Adventure first to see Carsland for the first time. Awesome!
We are originally from the Bay Area and my family loves Boudin bread so the Wharf Cafe is always a favorite. I ordered the Chicken, Apple and Cranberry salad without the bread bowl and dressing on the side. The chicken was "chicken salad style" but was not mayonnaise based. Since they charged me the same price they offered to give me the bread bowl in a separate bag for later. My kids were happy with that. 

Side Note about food allergies: While I was waiting for my food a family approached the counter asking to speak with the chef due to food allergies. I was completely impressed by what I saw. The chef went through the child's allergies and made recommendations until the boy found something that suited him. The chef showed the special pan that his meal would be cooked in also. I asked the father about this and he said that it is offered at ever restaurant in any Disney resort. Nice job Disney!

I have to say, this is where my socks were knocked off! There are fruit stand-style venues set up in both parks everywhere offering an array of healthy snacks. Fresh mango, berry bowls, pineapple spears, apple slices, grapes, bananas, raw veggie bowls. . . amazing!
 But my favorite was the Sabra single serving hummus pack with pretzel thins. I crave this hummus and was thrilled to have it as an afternoon snack.

Enjoying my berry bowl in "Hollywood" at California Adventure.
An example of what the fresh fruit/healthy snack venues look like.
If smoothies are your thing that "Schmoozies" in Hollywood at California Adventure is where you should head to. The smoothies all have low fat yogurt and lots of fresh fruit.
Carrots are my go-to-on-the-go snack.
As night falls there is magic in the air all over the place! But the magic does not need to include thousands of calories.
The kiddos just never seemed ready for dinner. And I was still content after all of my healthy snacks. But I was so happy to see that "Tomorrowland Terrace" at Disneyland has added some healthy options to their usual burger menu. First off, FRESH FRUIT is always offered in place of french fries here. Item #3 is a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado salsa. #4 is a portobello and vegetable sandwich. #6 is a grilled chicken chop salad. YUM. I didn't even know which one I would've chosen.
 Other great options are this "Kid's Power Pack" available at Tomorrowland Terrace at Disneyland and I also saw them in California Adventure. Perfect, even for picky eaters.

 Don't forget to check out the kids menus. They do not "card ya" for ordering one. I noticed a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with carrots and grapes offered everywhere on the menus (except exclusive restaurants like the Mexican one at Disneyland). Ordering off the kid's menus not only keeps calories down, but keeps the costs down too.

These adorable treats below used to be my obsession at Disneyland. They are caramel covered marshmallows dipped in chocolate. I DID NOT succumb to this temptation last night. 

 Instead I opted for the dark chocolate dipped pineapple spear. It was SO good that I didn't even miss my caramel and marshmallows. If I would've deprived myself of a treat I would've pouted all night long. . . nobody wants that, trust me! 

Full fledge chocoholic!
I am learning that fun is still fun without garbage foods! And a bonus was this morning when I woke up energized to go for a run. I know, for a fact, if I would've eaten junk all day it would've spilled over into today. An extra bonus is looking at the pictures of our day and not cringing at seeing myself. . . Priceless!

Nice Job Disney on offering healthy options.
It really is the healthiest place on earth!

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