Friday, January 17, 2014

Do You NEED a Pull-Up Bar?

My thoughts on having a pull-up bar:
When I first started the original P90X a few months back I did not get a pull-up bar. I think, honestly, I was SUPER scared of pull-ups and if I didn't get one I WOULDN'T FAIL at doing them. But as I got stronger, during the program (mostly from push-ups), I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and give it a go. It was SUPER easy to install and even easier to take up and down for workouts. Are pull-ups and chin-ups hard? YES! Can I do them without using A LOT of leg strength? NO! Am I getting better each time? YES! 
There are times when I want to just loop my band around the door hinge and do them that way...which can work those same muscles (as you see in the DVD) but I DON'T...Because I realize that if I don't WORK at PULL-UPS I will NEVER be able to do them...and I really, really look forward to that day when I can do just ONE without any leg support...IF THOSE GIRLS the video can do them SO CAN WE!

To purchase THIS bar: log into your teambeachbody account. go to SHOP, Nutrition & Supplements, Equipment and Gear, Chin up and Push up...Keep in mind coaches get 25 % off! Also, you might want to pick up some R&R (Results & Recovery) at the same time because it really helps with soreness (Nutrition & Supplements under P90X

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