Tuesday, January 21, 2014

P90X3 Isometrix- Week 4- Post Workout Wrap-Up

Isometrix Post Workout Wrap-Up~
Week 4, Day 1

So I started week 3 of P90X3 today, so it was my first time doing Isometrix. I was a little bummed because I am a cardio junkie...but I QUICKLY learned that THIS workout is AWESOME! I loved it!
Isometrix is NOT yoga (cause I know some of you "love" yoga). It is all about strength! I felt super strong and planks used to be hard for me, but I actually could do these with modifications. SO COOL! It reiterated that X3 is making me stronger! I loved the core workout in Isometrix. This is where it is at. Do not get discouraged if you stumble...I sure did. Concentrate on your breathing and I loved how Tony spoke a lot about believing. It reminds me that fitness and health IS SO MUCH about our minds and THEN our bodies. If you believe you can achieve! I, also, REALLY loved when Tony talked about a bunch of "perfectionists sitting around doing nothing". Oh man! That spoke to me because that used to be ME! I was such an "all or nothing" person and when I started to change that I noticed BIG amounts of PROGRESS! A little bit is always better than nothing. That is key with everything, especially Isometrix! Do what you can. Make notes. You WILL improve weekly!
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