Wednesday, January 29, 2014

P90X3- Week 5- Eccentric Upper Post Workout Wrap -Up

Eccentric Upper Post Workout Wrap-up: I was glad that I had an assortment of weights for this workout. If you don't, DON'T FRET...grab soup cans or water bottles and keep them close by. I used a variety of 5,8,10 lb dumb bells for this workout. This workout is all about "time under tension", which means "up, hold, down slowly" for push ups, pull ups and dumb bell exercises. I like this method a lot because you can feel the tension and pressure and that is what changes our muscles. It is ALSO what makes us sore the next this would be a great workout for R&R (but aren't they all?). I am starting to realize that every Monday to just expect pull ups and push ups...that is totally okay because that means Tuesday is NOT ANY! For me, I am still concentrating on how to make the pull ups most effective for me. I am using a lot of leg strength and worry I will never be able to do one...but I just wipe those thoughts away and say, "I WILL DO IT"! Can you relate?

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