Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get it QUICK!

Whoa! The response for the brand new 21-Day Fix program has been CRAZY! This makes me so excited because it means that so many people are taking action to CHANGE their lives! That is worth getting excited about!

The program by itself has SOLD OUT. And it is on back order until MARCH. As of now, the challenge pack bundle is still available, but I doubt it will be for much longer. 

Many of you have inquired about my accountability group that starts on February 17th…The total price is 140 dollars and includes the full workout program, the meal plan, the color coded portion control containers, the 30 day supply of meals with Shakeology and the daily support of a group of friends. And more importantly ME, as your free coach  

Getting healthy or losing weight doesn't get more straight-forward or simple than this program... hurry, hurry before it is too late! 
(message me for more info ASAP!)
I can't wait to start this on Feb 17th! 
You should totally join me!

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