Thursday, February 6, 2014

P90X3- Week 6 Yoga & Pilates- Post Workout Wrap-Up

AHHHHH...who would've thought that exercise could feel so rejuvinating? LIfe has been CRaZy (in a good way) in Beachbody world with the launch of the 21 Day Fix and I have been working my fingers to the bone...SO tonight I went into my garage, where I workout (is your garage warmer than your house? Mind is!), turned off the lights and did X3 Yoga and Pilates...I feel AWESOME!
So, with just the light from the TV I decided to hit the "music & cues" only...have you done it yet? LOVE! The music is relaxing and goes right with the moves AND Tony only says what to do mumbo jumbo. Glorious! Can you tell I really enjoyed my last hour? 

So, in week 6, I AM DEFINITELY getting stronger! I held crow for .5 seconds (NOT 5 seconds, a HALF OF A SECOND)! Not joking, that is a BIG improvement! I've never been able to even get my toes off the ground! WOO HOO! However, my celebration quickly deflated when I was 23 minutes into Pilates and I would do ANYTHING in side plank... SO.VERY.HARD.FOR.THIS.GIRL!
Bottom line: stressed? busy? overwhelmed? Yoga X and/or Pilates X will take care of it!

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