Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 19

Today I woke up full of energy and dying to run! So I went for a 40 minute run and felt amazing! I have really missed the endorphins! One thing I have really noticed is that it doesn't take much to fill me up anymore. Big a-ha: I usually just eat for taste. This process has been yummy, but has shown me what someone who eats just as fuel feels like. I stop when I am full, rather than eating to get as much as I can.

Breakfast: honeydew, blueberries, kiwi
Lunch: Hearty Vegetable-Miso Soup with salad and toasted pumpkin seeds
Dinner: Roasted beets and baked tempeh
**Two of my very favorite recipes are the soup and beets, so today was a YUMMY day!**

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