Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beachbody Coach Summit 2014

I just returned from my first "Beachbody Coach Summit" 
in Las Vegas. 
I had an amazing time! 
Here is just the tip of the iceberg. 

My "Summit Moment" was when Emma Lee Whaley stood on stage and spoke to 10,000 people about HER health story and how she has changed the course of HER life with it. I knew how amazing she was one on one, but at that moment, I KNEW THAT HER PLACE was in front of thousands and millions. Thank you, Emma, for changing the course of MY life. I am so proud to be a part of your life and team!

My "Most Inspirational Moment" was listening to Diana Nyad and her story about NEVER GIVING UP! This is just a small portion of the wonderfully amazing story that is her life!

My "Most Visionary Moment" was seeing Briggite Linford was awarded the Leadership Award. She has only been a coach for two years and has an amazing story!

My "Most Defining Moment" was when the Beachbody Challenge finalists were awarded their $25,000 checks and the winners their $100,000 checks. Each of them have inspiring stories of health and weight loss! Find their videos and watch!
Go here for their stories! 

My "Most Surreal Moment" was meeting members of my time, who I have grown so close to, for the first time in person.  Each one of them have blessed my life and we so missed the rest of our team who was not there. This is all about people!

My "Most Adrenaline Pumping Moment" was doing the Combat workout live with the trainers! We were working so hard that they had to tell us tiles were falling off the first floor ceilings...we were on the THIRD floor! I love this workout!

OH! Working out live with 10,000 other people was pretty dang awesome too!

My "Biggest Regret" Moments were not running into or qualifying for celebrity trainer meet n' greets. I would love the chance to meet Tony and Shaun T. There is something so emotional about working out and they really are inspiring! This WILL BE different next year!


1. If you have even one coach under you, you are a leader! They signed up with you, not me!

2. Don't let failures DEFINE you, let them REFINE you!

3. There are many ways to be recognized in this business. (Rank, Elite Millionair Club, Financial Freedom). Choose one that speaks to you and make a plan to get there.

4. You are a valuable MEMBER of Team Inspire Ignite, but YOUR team should be your main focus!

5. My clear vision: my business through the three vital behaviors, challenge groups and my personally sponsored coaches AND teaching my team to be leaders for their team!

6. "There is no 'bad' fitness, but there is 'bad' nutrition. EVERYONE can benefit from Shakeology"!

7. Being face to face with team members, even in casual settings, can be as beneficial as the workshops!

8. Live workouts with the trainers made me realize how far I've come in my fitness and confidence.

9. "We are not a product company. We are a people company"!

10. Even $300 is SUPER CHEAP for a three day, jam packed event full of this much inspiration and information.


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