Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My happy place- Sun, Sand, Surf and Sweat

My "Super Scary Summer Plan" Phase 3 began today!
Phase 1 was the Ultimate Reset
Phase 2 was Insanity as Cross-Training
Phase 3 is Half Marathon training

Here is the deal! I am NO different than you! What I do is make a PLAN and stick to it, NO MATTER WHAT! 
Honestly, I tell myself that the ONLY way I will derail from my plan is injury. . . and I pray and prepare daily so that injury does not happen!

Then I put my head down and PRESS FORWARD. It works for me. Some of my plans have been easy ones, but this one I purposely chose SCARY things to do. And now I am super pumped about living outside of my comfort zone! I have been loving the empowerment and BOOST it gives me. And that spills over into my personal life and professional life too!

Need help making a plan? Talk to me!
Your plan SHOULD not be my plan. . . but we can work together to come up with yours! START NOW! I promise it will be worth it!

~Day 1 of half- marathon training~
~3 mile run on the strand~ 

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