Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coach Confession!

Coach Confession!
Yesterday was a not-so-great day in my food consumption. If you have been following me for a while you know that I have one day a month of pure rebellion...it is my mind that just says "forget it!" I woke up totally normal yesterday and stuck to my schduled workout routine and then.it.hit...around noon. At lunch I chose wisely...but by 3:00pm I was in full "I can eat whatever the heck I want" mode. So I did!

Wanna know what? Frozen chocolate custard with mint chocolate chip Italian ice (when I go, I go all out!) AND a steak burrito from Café Rio! Yep! I rebelled hard! Here is what I learned from it!
- I am done now and totally back on track because I made sure my moments of rebellion were AWESOME!
- My workout this morning was heavy, I think due to that 5 lb burrito in my tummy.
- My "splurge" over the weekend (fro yo) didn't do it for me...if I am gonna splurge I need to make it count. (You may be completely different, or not).
- I did do some things well yesterday and I need to still be happy about that.
Okay, can't wait to eat clean today!
Do you have a rebellious day? How often?

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