Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photo A Day #3- Workout Tip

I am participating in a photo a day challenge...

Today's topic is "Workout Tip" #ffpPhoto 
My workout tip is to CROSS TRAIN.

I love to run BUT I love to run better, faster and stronger. When I ran my first half marathon I struggled because I just trained with running. Right now I am training for my first marathon and using P90X3 (agility, core, yoga. strength, cardio, Plyo) as my cross training and THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! My runs FEEL BETTER, they are faster and I feel stronger all around. Plus I don't completely lose steam in my long runs because my endurance it so much better!
PS...the BEST thing I ever did was leave my gym. I spent TEN years working out at the gyn FIVE days week...and I mean WORKING....where did it get me? NOT here that is for sure! #ditchthegym

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