Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dealing with Anxiety

Do not be deceived!
I might come across confident and happy and "balanced" on here, but we ALL have our "things". I have anxiety. Not for typical things like public speaking or about what people might think about me or leading a team of other leaders.

I have anxiety for everyday mundane things like being late, travel and variations in my schedule. And I have passed it down to one of my kids, GREAT! I used to have MAJOR anxiety attacks in my SLEEP! It would manifest itself A LOT when I was a teacher and I would do CRAZY things in my sleep. I have learned, over time, to manage my anxiety but it really creeped back up while in China. This is another HUGE reason why I have to exercise and eat cleaner. Did you know processed foods actually contibute to anxiety and depression? And we ALL know that the chemicals produced in exercise help with balancing our hormones and moods.
I have learned that how we DEAL with our "things" is what makes US better! HAPPY MONDAY!

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John Woodall said...

Jen, are you clinically diagnosed with Anxiety or is that your self diagnosis? The reason I'm saying that is I was just diagnosed with MDD, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. Amy doesn't even know this. The happened last week when I was in the hospital for attempting to take me life......Stupid I know. What I learned from it: I now have a boundary. In the past I might pop off "I should just kill myself but not really mean it. Then when I tried I didn't want to die. I realized how much I have to live for. I have never been so filled with gratitude and an awakening as I have since I was released from the hospital after 7 days....... with no calls or visitors I might add..... I do not even know if Amy knows about that either. But for the first time in a very long time I am starting to feel better every single day. I'm taking meds for the first time ever in my life I'm taking them religiously ever time I'm supposed to. I'm eating clean as can be.....thanks to you and Amy. I'm working out at least once sometimes twice a day.... I'm on day 42 of the p-90x3 program. I've lost over 21 lbs. in a in 41 days. So the reason I piped up was I can absolutely attest to what you wrote. It has without a doubt been huge for me. I just hope and pray that I will get a chance to share these two activities that my wife loved so much and I didn't do them until after she left....I want another opportunity to have a shared activity with her and our kids. Jen, please pass this on to Amy. Thanks, John Woodall