Friday, October 10, 2014

What is your WHY Power?

I am a big cheerleader for WHYpower instead of WILLpower!

My WHY is these kiddos right here. I know what it is like to have low self-esteem and not feel comfortable in my own skin. I also now know that what we eat is heading us either toward disease or from it. So, of course, I want to prevent them from all of this. Any parent knows that walking the walk is so much more effective than talking the talk. THAT IS WHAT keeps me going daily! However...**confession time** lately I realize that when they are at school I am on point with my nutrition. When I splurge it is ALWAYS with them. Simple math...In the short amount of time that they are with me they are not seeing my best modeling ( not runway model) behavior.
Food for thought. Anyone in this same boat?
WHY power is something that you will never, ever give up on. I grasp onto them as my WHY when I am tempted to not workout, overindulge in treats and be lazy. Being a healthy role model for them is POWERFUL MOTIVATION!

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