Sunday, October 19, 2008

~may i help you?~

A few years back I worked up the nerve to go into Victoria Secret. You see, hubby and I were going on a "second honeymoon" and I had stashed away some money. My plan was to have a different piece of new lingerie for every night. I was excited, but nervous, for my little shopping spree in the "pink palace". My spree did not last long when the seventeenish size 2 said to me, "we do not carry anything in your size". Seems like a scene out of Pretty Woman huh? I walked out, with my head hanging low, straight into Lane Bryant (which only had bras and panties).
**Since then, Torrid has opened up and have a great selection of plus size lingerie. YAY!**
Have you ever been denied service or been treated "differently" because of the way you look?
Thanks Jennie and Jenni for inpiring this post!


The Hoban's on Kingston Street said...

Actually from my family. We were sight seeing through San Francisco and my very large family got on the elevator in a hotel. My husband said, wow 1600lbs capacity, and my aunt says, ok Anna-maybe you should probably get off. She thought she was being funny, I was humiliated. It sucks being heavy, it sucks more being the only heavy person in a huge family.

Tammy said...

Whenever we walk through a mall and even walk past a Victoria Secret it makes me cringe. Hubby would love to see me dress up in something. Apparently he does not see me the way that I am in reality. I have to explain to him every single time...I don't fit in their clothes.

I am very grateful he doesn't see me the way that I really am. He hungs me and tells me that who I am is not what is seen on the outside, but what I am on the indise. He has never said a negative word about my weight. He sees my struggles and holds me in his arms and tells me not to worry, that I will shed the pounds when the time comes. He is incredibly supportive.

Poetry of Life said...

When I was a Senior in high school, I made the mistake of going shopping with my size 4 closest friend and my sister a size 8. I at the time was a 16 and went to 10-12 stores with them where there was NOTHING in my size. At one of our last stores, I finally walked out while they were trying stuff on and began to cry. They found me that way and when I explained what was wrong, walked me over to Lane Bryant (the only store for 16 back then) and made me try on almost every outfit they could find. A horrible day turned out to be ok when my friends realized what was wrong and helped me find something that I could wear.