Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~ I am an addict!~

Setting: an outdated room with chairs facing each other in a circle. Men and women, all shapes and sizes, fill the chairs.

Me: Hi! My name is Jen and I am a chocoholic!
Others:"hi Jen"
Me: I've always known that chocolate was something I needed. For a long time I would use the excuse of PMS or the chemical that makes you feel like you are in love. Recently I began to notice that I do anything to get a hold of some chocolate. I don't eat it once a day...I eat a little bit of chocolate a few times a day. Often times I forfeit normal meals just for a handful of creamy bliss.
Others: gasps of surprise
Me: I know it is shameful. It gets worse! I teach first grade. We asked for candy donations for the kids egg hunt. I filled the eggs with the candy that I didn't like and saved the Reese's and other chocolate for the other teacher and I. (head held in shame, the continues) I also have been known to steal candy from my own children just to get a fix.
Leader of the group: Jen, you are here now to get help. That is what matters.
Me: I don't always cave in to temptation though. When in line at the grocery store, even Home Depot, I have picked up a Dove bar and quickly put it back on the shelf. I have done that once or twice.
Others: good job, claps of encouragement.
Leader: That is it for tonight. Can't wait to see you all back next week.

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