Saturday, February 21, 2009

~ A helpful tool~ Lose It!

So here I am again, trying to jump start my motivation. I really, really want to feel comfortable with wearing short sleeves in the spring and summer. I am not even talking sleeveless! Just short sleeved shirts! You would think that would be enough motivation , but it's NOT!
I was feeling pretty good about myself (see last post), but then we went out with some friends for Valentine's Day. I felt smokin' hot in my "little" black dress. Then the next day I saw pictures from that night. One word, and only one word, came to my mind! It is the perfect word to describe my "petite" frame . Do you want to know what the word is? I will tell you if you understand that THIS IS NOT A FISHING TRIP FOR "you are not!", "I can't believe you would say that", yada, yada, yada...If you know me, and you are inclined to say those things...please know that this word is my truthful perception of myself and maybe, just maybe, that will be motivation!
Okay...the word is...PUDGY! That is what I am! I even checked out and it said, "short and plump". Yep, that is me! Okay, enough of that! So I found an application for my iphone that seems to be really good. It is called Lose It! and it is FREE! I loved the whole WW journaling system and this is basically that; you add your exercise and deduct your food. It lets you put in a goal and figures out how many calories you need to consume to meet that goal. Just the perfect gadget to keep me moving! Check it out and tell me what you think!

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