Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here I go AGAIN!

For those of you still with me THANK YOU! I promise to be more active on this blog NOW!
Is it something about season change that always makes us want to start anew? There have been so many people in my life recently who have been such an inspiration to me. My friend who I've known the longest (since 5th grade) recently came to visit and she is eating right, exercising and completely revamping her lifestyle! Another friend of mine just reached her 120 lb loss mark, amazing! A couple of my friends just completed a half marathon and are now training for a full marathon. (I'm in awe!) I totally believe that people are instruments in the hands of God and all of these friends, plus many more, have inspired me! Even when Facebook acquaintances post their accomplishments about healthy changes I feel a nudge that I too can do it! So thank you to all!!!
So here is what I have come up with:
  1. Low Carbs
  2. Low Sugar

When I would tell myself (or others) why I don't exercise it was always an excuse! When I would tell myself (or others) "oh, I can't live without chocolate" it was an excuse! I have the skills and the tools so it is all up to me to use them. Nobody else will make me healthy...just ME! Join me and we will motivate eachother!!!!


Leslie said...

Love your new attitude! Love you!

Silcox Stories said...

Awesome, realistic, obtainable goals. I'm in your corner to cheer you on!