Monday, September 28, 2009

~The Killjoy~

I love to socialize! I love talking, eating, laughing and being around my friends! I have a horrible confession to make! In the past, I have felt uncomfortable around friends who eat healthy! You see, I am Italian and food is as much of a part of socialization as the conversation itself! So I have always felt more at ease socializing with friends who can have the freedom to eat and enjoy food without counting calories or picking at half of a slice of cake while I devour the whole slice....and then have seconds!!

How unfair I have been! How judgemental I have been! Instead of valuing these friends for what they can bring to the table (not literally), my guilt would prohibit me from being inspired by these friends. To my healthful friends: I apologize!

Recently, I have become the killjoy! This weekend I went to a couple of social events with family and friends. While I sat eating veggies, salad and turning down a donut I felt others around me tense up, or make comments about themselves , as they notices the choices I was making.
Why do our food choices matter so much to those around us? It is the exact reason for this blog/book. No matter who we are FOOD guides the way we act and react!
**If you know a "killjoy"- compliment them! It may have been a hard choice to choose the celery stick over the potatoe chip**
**If you are a "killjoy"- be sensitive that others may feel guilty at your good choices and look to yourself for praise instead of others**
And while socializing, I will focus on the people NOT THE FOOD!

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Silcox Stories said...

Interesting thought, very insightful. I will have to file this away and think about next time I am out socializing.