Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Costco,

Dear Costco,
Let me just begin by telling you that I am a very loyal shopper and feel giddy when my soles hit your concrete floor. Recently I have been looking for healthy alternatives for my family and have come across many in your wide, hugh aisles.
However, a few of the foods that have become a staple in my home have not seen your shelf in the last couple of weeks. I am beginning to panic! These are my "go to" foods that taste good and help me stay on track! First, you continue to sell Sabra Classic Hummus in large containers. But I fell in love with the 150 Cal 2 ounce containers. Have you people tried to dip pretzels in them? Please bring them back!
The second item that I am mourning the loss of is the Morningstar Original Veggie Burger. Sure you continue to carry the Boca Burger, but I ate one and had an awful aftertaste in my mouth for the next 12 hours! Throwing a veggie burger on your Orowheat Whole Grain Sandwich Thins are a very satisfying little treat.
I know I can hunt these items down at other stores, but do I really want to? No. I would love for you to just kindly put them back on your shelves and all will be well.


Liz R. said...

They have a comment box. I kept asking for $5 giant bag of pretzels to return and eventually they did. I need to try that with the sugar free jello.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Try Morningside's Spicy Black bean burger-much better than that other crap IMHO
Gawd I wish I had a Costco membership-dream come true...
Lucky you