Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chocoholics Anonymous meeting in session...

My name is Jen and I am a chocoholic...Hi Jen!
I am not talking to chocoholics that are like, "Oh, I only eat the best chocolate or no chocolate at all." I am talking to those of you who crave that sweet and smoothe taste at a few different points throughout your day. That is me! Can you relate to this?
You've just finished a very satisfying lunch or dinner. It was healthy, filling and satisfied all of your taste buds...except those darn chocoholic ones! Here is our solution!!!!

Listen, I am not crazy! You need to have two of these a day (40 calories total) for your daily calcium intake. So it is perfect right after lunch for that sweet craving and right after dinner too. I LOVE milk, but as I have cut back on calories I also have cut back on my milk intake. This is a perfect way to get something I need and something I want all at the same time!
Thanks Costco demonstrators!
No, I am not getting any sort of monetary kickback for the last two posts about Costco. Although I'd be open to it if they wanted to!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just got onto your blog and saw this one. I am so there with you. I just need a little chocolate fix and what better way then to get your calcium too. Thanks for the tip. :)