Friday, October 1, 2010

Ouch & Yum!

I never thought I'd hear myself say, "I wish I could exercise!" But you know how it is, when you can't do something that is all you want to do! Most of you who read this blog (a few of you) know that I tore my calf muscle. I've always been afraid of injury but I did push it (something about hearing Jillian Michael's voice in my head calling me weak). I felt it strained but I was so intent on my half-marathon training program I did not baby it as much as I should've. Plus...I got into a great routine on my off running days with a friend! So on and on I went until right smack in the middle of a 60 minute run I tore it. Singeing pain from the back of my calf up to my hamstring made me hobble home. I stayed off of it for over 24 hours thinking that would be enough. Then, while stepping off of a curb, I tore it again. Okay, okay I stayed off of it and iced it for a good 3,4,5 days. Now I am limping and being very cautious.
So what happens to me when I stop exercising? I also stop making healthy choices! It is that "all or nothing" characteristic that I am constantly battling. So what do I crave nowadays??? Since it is Fall...a Starbucks Pumpkin Scone!

Between this and a tall nonfat peppermint hot chocolate! Just to let you know, because I needed to log it, here are the official calories of my breakfast this morning! Hey, at least I didn't choose this which was very tempting! Is it any wonder why I am now feeling pudgy!

  • Tall non-fat no whipped cream peppermint hot chocolate- 190 cal
  • pumpkin scone- the nutritional value was not up on the website, so I used maple oat pecan scone for 440 cal.

And here is a recipe (I have not tried it yet) if you get the desire to try this at home.

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Jennefer said...

That is the recipe I used to make your scones the other day! It is amazing!