Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grocery Store Treasure Hunt

I usually always need a taste of chocolate after lunch. I found these today! Thanks Pillsbury, they are great! 60 cal for 1 or the serving size is 3! I love it when I get permission to have more than 1. Try them! My kids better keep their hands off!

Then while waiting in line I saw this magazine cover! The bacon mac n' cheese caught my eye but immediately my eye went to "DROP 10 LBS". The subtitle should've been "...but not if you eat this mac n' cheese!" Silly magazine lay out editors!

I think this may have been the picture that my friend saw and decided to make. She doubled the recipe and found out she now had 24 servings! So she brought us (and another family) dinner. I have the best friends!

Anyhow, it was ammmmmaaaaazzzzzzing!

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