Friday, September 10, 2010

With Child(ren)

Not me, silly!
But what do you do when all of your training partners are pregnant? Well, you turn to your Ipod (iphone for me) of course!
After my half-marathon in May I stopped running. One day became another and before I knew it the Summer was gone and I had only logged about 3 miles. I did continue to work-out other ways though. This week I felt the need to run and that I did. But I knew I wanted to progress and without my partners I was at a loss.
Then I found this app, personal running trainer.
You can start with working up to 1 mile. You listen to your regular Ipod music and a training voice comes over to tell you what to do. It really is easy to navigate. **the only problem is, do not answer a call or open a text or it will kick you out** a great excuse for your running time to be your running time!

I am working on this one, 10 weeks to a half marathon. I am not sure if it is too progressive for where I am right now but I am excited about the challenge. Your first training day is free, and to upload the rest is very reasonable. I paid $4.99 for mine.
Happy Running!
Remember...if I could do it you can too!

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