Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chocoholics Anonymous

Hi! I'm Jen and I'm a chocoholic. I was doing fine, well sort of, with my chocoholic addiction. We have a See's Candy store in my town but I never went in it unless I needed a delightful black and white box as a gift for someone else. (seriously, aren't the black and white checks just classic?) But then a friend showed me that you can walk up to the counter and order a piece (or two or three) and be done. Oh Crap! Everytime I would drive past the chocolate haven I would think of this inexpensive, most delectable luxury.
After a handful of times of doing that and realizing that a) you can't look chintzy and order just one piece from the counter and b) they always give a sample at the entrance of the store AND at the register and c) I would eat ALL 5 pieces in the car before I pull into my driveway I knew I HAD to modify this addiction or I would be running just to off set these indulgences.
Guess what I found!

See's Chocolate Chips! First off, they are HUGE! I will never make chocolate chip cookies with plain, old tiny chocolate chips again. I just used the recipe on the back and they are seriously amazing! But here is the best part! When I am feeling the need for that sweet indulgence I can go in and buy a bag of these chocolate chips and get the two free samples (for my immediate consumption) and I will always have a bag on hand to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever! At my rate I may have my year supply of See's chocolate chips someday. Now...I wouldn't put it past myself to eat these "droplets of goodness" on the way home too but that is a topic for another chocoholics anonymous meeting...until then...

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cherry.bomb said...

Hello my name is Cherry and i'm a chocoholic... well isn't the first step admitting you have a problem? HAHA i would love to try out a recipe for those cookies they sound amazing!