Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i FINALLY figured it out! (Again)

No, really! I think I figured this whole health/weight/exercise/eating thing!

I have always been an "all or nothing" type of person. When I exercise well, I eat well. But if I don't go full force with exercise I slip on my treats and then say, "what the heck, I suck, I'll just eat _____".

I LOVE food though. You've heard me say before that it is not just the taste, it is the whole experience of food. It just makes us feel good. Every great experience in my life is just enhanced with good food! Must be the Italian in me.

I heard a very wise friend say, "I exercise because I love food". This clicked with me. Instead of exercising to lose weight and starve myself at the same time, I now have decided to try the following...

  1. eat healthy most of the time

  2. do some sort of exercise every single day (except Sunday)

  3. enjoy the food I love during those special moments in life

  4. do not create reasons to eat junk. save it for those above special moments (Like this Saturday when my mom, daughter and nieces go here. I won't feel guilty about it because I'll run before we go and eat well the rest of the week)

we shall see how it goes!

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