Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies- "it's for the kids!"

Those sweet, cute little Girl Scouts sure are smart!!
Year in and year out we all fork out too much money for too little of cookies!
Because they are GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Don't say you buy them to support a good cause...and we all know there are similar knock-offs in the grocery store that we can get year round!
I think it is the pure fact that they are a limited time offer!
AND they also make the packages so small that you eat one whole row in one sitting! Then you buy another box!
Smarty pants!
My last rant about these little morsels of pleasure are I can make it (well sometimes) through events and pass up yummy, decadent masterpieces by chefs of all calibers...but then I cave on GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?
So what is your favorite?

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Jennefer said...

My favorites are the Caramel DeLites! And there is good and bad news: Keebler makes a new cookie called coconut dreams that are the EXACT same looking and tasting cookie! I bought some the other day and Oh My Gosh! Heaven! It's scary that I can get them all year now! They also have the grasshopper cookie which is the same as the thin mints and due to pregnancy, have really been craving those (so I've had my share these days!)