Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have been back from my trip the the US for almost a month now. It was glorious! Oh and eating all the yummy food was glorious too! I even brought back a 6 lb souvenir of weight gain! Well, it was less than I thought it would be.

We recently joined a fitness center. When I say fitness center I mean a glorious Marriott hotel gym and indoor pool. It is at the City Wall Marriott. It is luxurious and smells so good! 

We had been looking for somewhere for the kids to swim. The temp is now below 10 degrees at times, and the air quality is really getting to me so outdoor exercise was not going so we joined for the next six months.

For three weeks now hubby and I have gone. It is so nice to be back on a routine. I continue with my running training app and then do weights and the elliptical on my "off" days. It has been SO great! It is a refreshing 20 minute walk to the gym. Funny, back home I would NEVER have walked 20 minutes to go work out, but here 20 minutes is close-by. It is all about perspective I suppose.

I also went back to my tried and true "Lose It' App on my iphone. I had told myself that I cannot do it here in China because the food is so different...but that was just an excuse. There are plenty of chinese dishes in the data base and the key is to record what I eat. Even if it is not 100% accurate it is still preventing thoughtless eating. I can go on and on about how my perspective has changed...but I will save that for my 6 month anniversary blog post on here. Stay tuned.
EDIT~ I decided that this year I am going to begin something very courageous. On the first of every month I am going to take a picture of my front and back in a swimsuit.  I will use it for my own motivation. I am a visual person and this image is imprinted in my head. Also, it will be interesting to compare the pictures each month. Think I'll post them? NO WAY!

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