Friday, June 1, 2012

My Body Image~ warning: it's not a pretty one

It is no secret that I struggle with body image issues. 
Here is a fantastic blogpost about it from another great blogger. When I read her post I felt as though she was writing the exact words from my mind! Read it and see if you can relate. It really got me thinking.

 No matter how old we are, what size we are, what we eat daily. . .  WE ALL STRUGGLE. 
Our struggles may be different, but nevertheless we have them. 

Here is a very honest and open look at my struggles.

What I know:
  • I know I was created by God. 
  • I know my body is simply a vessel to house my spirit. 
  • I know that it is my responsibility to keep that vessel as healthy as I can because it is a gift. 
  • There are a few parts of my body that I don't have issues with.
  • I know if I had a better self image and self worth I could be so much happier!

Period. I don't just believe it, I know it!

Lies I Constantly Tell Myself:
  • I would be much happier if I was skinny. Not healthy (because I am), skinny! 
  • I would be more deserving of love if I were skinny.
  • I must not be ______________ (insert adjective like smart, clever, dedicated, etc) because I am not skinny.
  • I am not pretty, sexy, cute or desirable.
  • Other people who are skinny are better people because they have control or self-discipline over their weight.
These are so disgusting and I hate that they go through my mind on a daily basis!

  • How do I break the link between looks and self-worth?
  • How do people view me as "confident" when I have all of these terrible lies in my head?
  • How do I stop looking at every single woman that passes by me and stop comparing myself to her?
  • How do I start enjoying events, vacations, occasions instead of thinking that it would be a better time if I were thin?
  • How do I stop thinking about my body thousands of times throughout the day?
  • When do we start loving ourselves for our other attributes?  I am almost 40 for crying out loud!
  • How did I get this way in my head?
  • How can I prevent it in my children, especially my daughter?
  • How do I break this cycle and still be motivated to be healthy?

All of these are important questions. If you have any insight I would love to hear it either by email or comments. 

Can you relate to anything I've said? 
Can you relate to anything in the other post? 
How have you combated these challenges?

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