Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Check-In Time~ Four months later!

Remember this post?

It has been exactly four months of sticking to my plan! I am  15 pounds down. My goal was 20, but I am not complaining. Celebrating each and every success!

I checked to see what my weight needs to be to put me in the "healthy" BMI range. I need to lose exactly 20 more pounds. At first this seemed really daunting to me. I haven't weighed that weight since before I was married and it seems too skinny for me. But healthy is my goal and I would love to be healthy!

Since my last post I have been doing a lot of thinking. After I reread it a few times I realized how sad my thoughts were. As much as I needed to change my physical habits, I REALLY need to change my emotional habits too! 
  1. My first step is to STOP comparing myself to anyone and everyone.
  2. STOP making "how I look" my barometer for all emotions.
  3. STOP judging others based on how they look on the outside. I am sad to admit this, but honestly don't we judge others based on our own insecurities? I need to focus on the other qualities of those around me. 
  4. START looking at myself as a whole, instead of just focusing on my "trouble spots".
  5. Focusing so much on my outer appearance (even though health is a huge part of it) sends the wrong message to my children and everyone else! Even having this blog puts so much focus on my worth based on my appearance. I am not willing to close my blog, but I will START to focus on other aspects of my life contributing to my worth.
  6. It's all about balance. I need to work just as hard on my emotional, spiritual and cognitive health as I do my physical health. So from this point forward...this blog will be about ALL of these aspects, not just health and fitness!
So here is to the next four months of over-all healthy living!

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