Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Check In ~ 9.14.12

Picture of the Week
Sweet parents sent See's candy back with hubby from the US.
One a day, record deduction from box in lid and leave a count.
Box hidden in daughter's room.

Challenges of the Week: I crave peanut butter and chocolate chips in the evening.  Succumbed, but recorded it.  I baked cookies for a youth activity (peanut butter and Nutella) and ate 5 for dinner (but that was all I ate). Living in Beijing we eat out A LOT! It is so much cheaper to eat out, plus our kitchen is not the best for cooking. However, you never really know how many calories are in the foods you eat out, especially here in China! I cheated a little about stepping on the scale only once a week when I stepped on one at the gym, but it was in kilos and I had no clue what it meant.
Is it just me or does it sound like a lot of excuses?

Successes of the Week: Exercised hard every single day (except Sunday). Went to Dairy Queen and didn't order. Recorded my food, even on the weekend. Went to bed at 4am and still got up at 6:15 to exercise. Came up with a plan for the above See's Candy and stuck to it. Really wanted shrimp pad thai for lunch, but I stayed home and sautéed veggies instead. I cooked my own brown rice when we ordered Indian food. I went online and looked up all the nutritional facts for the Indian food so I could record it. 

Weigh In: Down 1.2 lbs

Looking Ahead: We only crave what we eat. If I stop eating chocolate, will I stop craving it? I think I know the answer but I'd love to hear success stories about stopping cravings! I have a couple of lunch outings planned. I did okay ordering out this week, I will continue to choose wisely.

How about you?
How did you do this week?
Leave me a comment and we can support each other!


meaghan & jake said...

I really enjoy following your blog. My birth control made me gain weight but for me it's worth it right now. Anyways, I saw this thing on pintrest about if your craving this then your missing this in your diet and so forth type of thing. Here's the link but I'm not sure how reliable it is but maybe it's something to help you find a good balance in cravings. :)

p.s. i think it's okay to treat yourself sometimes anyways :) I totally do

Liz R. said...

of course love your post. and i'm glad you get a sees candy a day - just think about how long it will last!

i have to say... time does heal all cravings! i have not had a donut for an entire year. have not even licked my fingers after giving them to the kids. it's ok. i don't crave donuts anymore. and i have found good substitutes i guess.

and if i miss chocolate, which i do sometimes, i always think of gail who hasn't had chocolate since she was in her 20's. heehee.