Sunday, September 9, 2012

Friday Check In~ 9.7.12

If you are wondering why I am baring my soul here, read this.

Picture of the Week
Jupiter and I
Challenges of the Week: Kids were home today from school for a teacher work day. Weekends are always a challenge, but this week it was a three day weekend. Went over a little bit in my calories today, but still within range for the week. Wondering if Friday is a good or bad day to weigh in? Not too many challenges this week, as my commitment was high due to "first week back" motivation.

Successes of the Week: I went to the gym every day this week, even on Monday where I had to be somewhere at 10am and today when my kids were home from school. I recorded every morsel of food this week. With hubby out of town I feel like I am more in control of what I eat, no surprise lunch dates, although they are great for our marriage! I was tempted to weigh before today but I didn't and looked forward to good numbers. It worked! A nearly perfect week in my eyes.

Weigh In: Down 2.5 lbs

Looking Ahead: I hope to implement exactly the skills I did last week. Stay focused on recording everything, eating protein (thank goodness for hard boiled eggs) and avoiding carbs and sugar. No excuses!
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