Friday, October 19, 2012

Check In ~ 10.19.12

I really want to lose 11 pounds in nine weeks now.
I am using every tool I can to motivate myself to stay focused!

We don't drink so this is the perfect use for these glasses.
When I lose a pound I'll move a pebble.
Challenges of the Week: Cramps, bloating, the whole nine yards. Every week I have a morning social on Monday and I struggle so much staying on track. This week I chose apples and cheese over crackers and cheese. I still feel like if my Monday is a struggle I have difficulty getting my footing the rest of the week. Eating out more than once a day at times (lunch with friends, dinner with the fam). 

Successes of the Week: I exercised three times this week (I am grasping for any success). I made healthy choices at some points during the week (like the apples over crackers, sharing dessert, etc.)

Weigh In: up .4 lbs

Looking Ahead: I am a firm believer of low points causing big turn arounds. Thanks to a friend, I have been motivated to add some new work outs to my routine. I was pretty bored and uninspired, which I know has something to do with my downward spiral. If I am working out well, usually my eating follows suit. I purchased some cardio interval work-outs on iTunes and downloaded them to my iPad. My gym has a fully equipped room, that no one uses, that is perfect for me to do these work outs. I added a six day schedule to my calendar using these videos (focusing on strength and cardio), while also continuing to run and use the elliptical. I am super jazzed to see some results with these varied work outs. 

Onward and Upward!

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