Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So far, So good! Tips for Travel.

It has been a little while since my last post and all is working out very well. 

Focusing on eating more protein, low sugar and white carbs, has shown great results with me. I say white carbs instead of low carbs because I don't want to discourage myself from fruits. If I were on a diet, maybe I would omit fruits, but I am hoping to omit white starches and excessive sweets long term from my diet.

We recently returned from a week long trip from Sydney and Singapore. I was very dedicated to sticking to my eating plan. I wasn't tempted, very much, by the "food food" my family was eating while I chose salads most of the time. When I got a little resentful was when it was treat time. I found myself getting angry inside while they enjoyed ice cream, etc. So I modified and allowed myself one moderate treat a day. That way I didn't feel like I was on a diet. When others were getting two scoops of ice cream I got a junior scoop. It was perfect for the taste I desired without the resentment or calories. It paid off because I came home right on track on the scale. That is a first for me!

Another thing that helped me was the breakfast choices. We had access to the executive lounge breakfast buffet daily. Each morning I didn't even allow myself to think about eating the stale, mediocre danishes. Instead I chose yogurt and a hard boiled egg. If I was more hungry I would have some fruit also. I steered clear of the greasy bacon, bagels, and fake scrambled eggs. 

Despite the scale agreeing with my choices I did feel lumpy after not exercising for a full week. Don't get me wrong, we were walking a lot each day. However, I did not run once which I am so regretful about. Our hotel was right at Circular Quay on the harbour and it was the most glorious place to run, but leaving my family to do it was a sacrifice I just didn't choose to make. Regret!

In two days I am leaving, yet again, on a jet plane and heading to the US for three weeks! It will definitely be a challenge because for only five days of the entire trip I will be responsible for my own meals. The rest of the time I will either be staying at my in-laws or my parents house. I am determined to stay focused!

One big challenge about traveling for me is eating healthy on travel days (long waits at airports and airplane food). Do you have any tips to help with airport and airplane cuisine? If so, please share in comments below!

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