Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow! So that is why...

I have sat down to write this post numerous times and hit delete over and over. It is personal. And it has everything to do with the work that I put out on this blog.

So, it is no surprise that for two weeks out of the month I am on track, in balance and relatively rational. Then for the other two weeks I am depressed, unmotivated and pretty irrational. TWO WEEKS! Half of the month! Half of the year! 

I had been to the Dr before, but hubby and I were feeling it was time again to go. I am so glad I did. We now have a plan to try to get me more in balance. After reading this book I learned so many things about myself. 
  • I learned the physiological aspect to my symptoms. It is real, just like any other physiological condition.
  • I learned that exercise doesn't just help our self esteem. There really are chemicals that changes the make up of your system. PROOF that exercise is mandatory!
  • I learned that there is hope and that I don't have to spend half of my month/year as Jekyll and Hyde. 
For over a week now I have stopped eating all white starches and sugar. I know it seems extreme but I have learned that these are poison to me. Before, I was sticking within a range of calories. But I would see what I could still eat while staying within those calories. Sure, that was great for maintenance but not for weight loss. So far, this is working well. The temptations are there but, for now, they are manageable. I keep telling myself, "I know what that tastes like." and "I've met my lifetime quota for that already."

This approach is not for everyone. For me, it is helping me to focus on healthy foods like vegetables and protein. For once, I am focused more on what I eat rather than what I do at the gym.  I have been to three major events this week (one being a huge super bowl party) and I did not eat one piece of bread, potato or treat! Hooray!
I will keep you posted. 

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Liz R. said...

so is the sugar and starch bc of your diet or for the premestral thing?