Thursday, April 25, 2013

Froggy Legs

I have been extremely happy with my body image progress. However, sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my legs this memory crosses my mind.

When I was in high school I went with my boyfriend's family to their cabin. The cabin sat on the banks of a river and it was a tradition for the family to go "froggin". The guys put on waders, headlamps and carried custom made spears. I joined them that dark night until I viewed exactly what froggin' was all about. Let''s just say that the headlamp confused the frogs and well, I bet you can guess what the spear was for. I quickly decided to join the women in the kitchen prepping for the feast. Once the guys returned with no frog bodies, just the legs, I realized what was coming next. I distinctly remember my boyfriend's mom pulling the skin off the legs and saying, "it is just like taking off panty hose". She was so funny and cute and I couldn't help but become enthusiastic. Soon after, we ate the frog legs and of course someone said, "they taste just like chicken." 
You know what? 
They really did!

I haven't eaten frog legs since, but like I said, I often am reminded of when I had them.
You know what? Frog legs are awesomely else would they be able to leap? 
I am proud of my muscular froggy legs!

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