Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Running Thoughts~ 4.25.13

I am really committing to better blog photography! 
Thanks for your patience!
Here I am after my work out today.

I don't know about you but some of my most profound thoughts occur when I am exercising. Sometimes they are not so profound, just silly and often hilarious (at least to me)! I thought it would be fun to keep track of some of the random things that cross my mind as I am accruing mileage. Enjoy this glimpse into my scattered thoughts and, as always, be sure to share some of your own!

" How many songs is a thirty minute run? Oh forget it."

"Wow that guy is running at 13.8 km/hr! That is beyond sprinting for me. He can probably only keep that up for like five minutes."- He did it for thirty minutes!

"I am really wanting to listen to the Go-Go's." Too hard to switch playlists during my running app. "Note to self: next week's running playlist should be all 80's! Yeah!" I force myself to switch playlists each week. Otherwise it gets too predictable and I get bored. 

"What should I cook for dinner? Breakfast it is."

"What is that awful smell? Shoot...I think it is me! Why do I smell so bad? Is it the quinoa? Holy cow, it is really bad. I know I wore deodorant."

"Does anyone else smell me?"

"Why do I sweat more than anyone else?"

"I can't wait to eat my greek yogurt when I get home." - Darn! The boy ate my last one yesterday. Do you know how expensive and hard greek yogurt is to find in Beijing?

"Please let it be easy to find slingshots today."- It was easy! Found them right across the street from my house. I needed them for a youth church activity.

"KF (my niece)  should be a cop. She would make a good cop. Note to self: message her that she should be a cop."

" How much longer?"

"What will it be like running outside in just a couple of months? I hope it is not hilly." - In case you don't know, we are moving out of Beijing in June. We are relocating to the Los Angeles area, but don't know exactly where to yet. I bet it will be hilly!

"Seriously, how much longer?"

"I hate this song. Note to self: remove from playlist." - It was Katy Perry's Hot & Cold. The song is fine, but I am bored running to it.

"That tree sure has gotten a lot of leaves on it lately." -I try to run right in front of the window and I usually fixate on one focal point. Sometimes I visualize the path I ran on in my parent's neighborhood. Anything to get through treadmill running. The air in Beijing is too unhealthy to run outside (most of the time). 

"I'm going to make a Facebook page for my Behind The Refrigerator Door blog."

There you have it. The highlights of my brain activity during my run this morning. Did you have any interesting thoughts today?

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Monica Hill said...

I love your thought process!! Did you know that Pandora has an 80s cardio station?? I love it for those fun day moods! Keep it up!!