Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't Let PMS Derail Your Health Goals

~This post falls under "there's someone else out there just like me who might need to hear this" category~

It's that time again. . . so soon?
 It seems like it was just last week! 
The signs trickle in; growling at car horns instead of ignoring them, struggling to keep my eyes open when I have had plenty of sleep, considering actually eating cocoa powder because it is the only thing resembling chocolate in my home AND feeling like I have brick posts as legs as I try to exercise! 
Can you relate to any of this?

This is how I know that I am about five days away from starting my period. 

When I look back at all the times I have derailed and "fallin' off the health wagon" I am convinced that each time I was PMSing. I know it can be a clichè to use those letters as an excuse for all our woes, but I am sick of that clichè! For me, it IS when I respond differently to life than any other time. . . and not just when it comes to my physical health. It effects my relationships and emotional health too.

Something to help keep it in perspective.
Even though I have been experiencing these exact same symptoms for two and a half decades (!) it boggles my mind that I still can get a little shaken by them each month. Doubt sets in with thoughts like, "Uh-oh, is this the beginning of my downward spiral?" 

Here are some things that really help to power through the temptations and obstacles of hormonal changes:
  • Keep telling yourself that these feelings ARE temporary. They will pass!
  • Similarly, remind yourself that you WILL be energetic and motivated again soon.
  • You've worked so hard, don't let these days allow you to go backwards (gaining weight, losing muscle, losing endurance). You don't want to have to re-work the work you've already done. 
  • I always retain fluid, like most, while preparing for my period so I lower my goal for that week/week and a half to maintain my weight rather than lose.
  • While still keeping your goals in mind, allow yourself a little bit of slack. Continue to exercise each day, but don't push it as hard. The goal is to keep your habits in tact, not to be perfect.  
  • Likewise, allow yourself a moderate treat when you have a craving. Otherwise you will resentfully and bitterly binge and really throw yourself off track.
  • Find someone to commiserate with (like me!) that can help you reiterate these things to yourself.
Once I realized that these struggles were temporary, I found I could bounce right back quickly to my plan. 

Do you have anything to add to the list that helps you stay focused during PMS time? 
Do you PMS differently? If so, share!

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Riddlez said...

I once ate a powdered chocolate pudding packet to satisfy my cravings in college. Desperate times, man.

I love your list for the week of - I totally strive to maintain rather than lose that week. If I drop, great, if not, I don't beat myself up. Good post!