Sunday, May 12, 2013

Slowin' It Down equals Endurance equals Results

Last week, here on the blog, and on the Facebook page we talked about picking up the pace a little bit to push ourselves harder. 

This time, though, let's think about how we can meet our goals of going farther in time or distance. 

If you don't run, don't click off now. . . 
this applies to you too.

Slow it down to reserve energy to endure.

Of course this applies to running. It seems like common sense, but I have been a "runner" for more than three years now and I still have to remind myself to not push it to the limit on every single run. It is like when I used to teach first graders how to read. It takes a balanced reading program; with different components like phonics, comprehension skills, sight words, etc. Running is the same. To see results in both speed and endurance you have to run differently to see results. (What is a balanced running program? Coming Soon). If you run at your max each run you will not progress in distance, and vice versa. 

This also applies to any other work out. If you have a goal of walking for a longer time period, cut back a bit on your speed and you will be amazed how you will be able to add extra minutes to your walk. 

Likewise, with strength training, gaining reps can be hard as you get into the higher digits. Each week I add 10 reps to each of my strength training exercises. This week I am up to 80 reps for all of my arm, legs, abs and back exercises. Each Monday and Tuesday I struggle so I don't increase my weight, I keep it the same as my prior week. But as I get to later in the week the reps are getting easier so I raise my weight load a little at a time.

Don't get discouraged when you have to slow down a bit. . . you are still working toward your endurance goal!
Pic from Ripped and Fit via Pinterest
This last Saturday I hit a wall on my run. By the middle of my run I was ready to be done. I could've stopped and rationalized it. But I knew I wasn't in danger of injury and I would've beat myself up about it. So I slowed it way down, to a comfortable jog, and completed my 45 minute run. I felt much better than if I had quit.
The key is to finish, 
no matter what you have to do to do it. 

Here are my favorite endurance songs:
(I like to imagine I am on a beautiful trail run during these songs)
  • Where The Streets Have No Name ~ U2
  • How To Save A Life ~ The Fray
  • Chasing Cars ~ Snow Patrol
  • The Climb ~ Miley Cyrus ( I know, cheesy, but totally relevant to hard runs:)
  • Don't Stop Believing ~ Journey
  • Collide ~ Howie Day

What are your favorite "slowin' it down" songs?

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Liz R. said...

love reading your posts! about a month ago i decided to get back on the exercising bandwagon. i fell off and it was oh-so-hard to get back on... i decide that i'd slow down my speed on the treadmill by .5. i'm so glad i did as i find it much more enjoyable (ok... ENJOYABLE isn't the word i'm looking for). i felt like a wimp to be running at someone else's fast walk speed, but now i don't feel so bad ;)