Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Nightmare With A Happy Ending

I have used many things to motivate myself. For example, I took bikini pictures (for my eyes only) and burned it into my mind. I have also used a "celebration board" for whenever I did something healthy I wrote it on a sticky and posted it.

 I have used many other tricks, but two nights ago my subconscious gave me some good motivation with a nightmare. I dreamt that I looked and felt like this again. . .
Please excuse my picture quality, I snapped this from a photo book.
The worst part about the dream was how I felt. I immediately felt sad, humiliated, depressed and hopeless when I felt unhealthy again. Do you ever have dreams where the feelings are so intense that when you wake up you swear it happened? 

That is how it was!
And it was horrible!
I NEVER want to feel like that again...what great motivation!

Hubby and I at my heaviest...thirty pounds from what I weigh now. 

 Hubby and I have been married for almost eighteen years. We have both gained and lost over the years, but at different times. This time we are both on the same path and we are in sync! I can't give you any tips on how we got on the same path at the same time. . . maybe the stars were aligned. 

 It helps so much to have a common goal of good health. Our methods may not always be the same, but our goal be healthy and to stay that way! I can't tell you how much it has impacted all areas of our life and our marriage. 
Hubby and I last month at the Great Wall Mutianyu-
almost thirty pounds lighter than the picture above. 
I am pretty excited that I am only four pounds away from when he married me!


Leslie said...

Way to go Jen!!! Those last 4 lbs will melt right off. :)

Liz R. said...

that's awesome only 4 pounds away! some people never even get that close ever again!