Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Weekly Challenge~ #1

Happy Summer! We've made it!

Now, you have a choice to make. . . 
you can use this summer to "take a break" 
you can use this summer to get healthier! 

Visualize yourself at the end of August. 
Do you want to be a few pounds heavier, huffin' and puffin' as you climb the stairs and feeling awful? All because you had to eat that cheeseburger at the barbecue or deserved an ice cream cone day in and day out? 
Do you want to put on your fall jeans and have them feel good, be able to chase the kiddos and feel like you accomplished something? 

I can help you get healthier over the next 12 weeks! We can do it together! 

The Plan
Each Monday I will give you a challenge. Strive to accomplish the challenge five days a week. The challenges will be for any level of fitness and health. 

Your Part
Try your best! Listen to your body. Push yourself, but don't overdo it. Be confident, you CAN do this! Be committed. Don't worry about the big picture, take it one day at a time and one week at a time. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. Check in with me via Facebook as much as you need to, remember that I need your motivation too!

My Part
I strive to make this blog and my Facebook page for and about you! I will continue to support you in these challenges each day. I am not a Doctor or a nutritionist, but I will create challenges for your overall good health using basic strategies. I will participate in each challenge along with you. I will strive to motivate you to be the best you can be. 

No Excuses
If you are anything like me, making excuses does not help you reach your health are some of my excuses and how I combat them.
  • I can eat that ________. I deserve it. I work hard. You are right, you do work hard. You work hard being the best you can be and that ____________ is not helping you in any way at all. Find another way to reward yourself. How about a new article of clothing or a nap or a couple hours reading?
  • I can eat ___________. Other people do and they look healthy. You are NOT other people. Unhealthy food DOES affect you. Plus, they may look healthy but that Snickers bar as their lunch is not really making them healthy on the inside.
  • I don't want to take away time from the kids summer plans to go exercise. Mommy Guilt! No room for it. Being an example of health is better than most things you do for your kiddos. Get up before them to exercise. Early risers? Do a play date swap or do it after they go to bed. Older kids? Encourage them to exercise with you. 
  • It's vacation time! I want to enjoy my entire vacation, including the food. Boy, do I know this one intimately! The problem with this theory is while the junk food tastes yummy on your vacay the bloating and self-consciousness doesn't feel good. Instead, treat yourself once a day moderately and stick to 80% healthy and 20% less healthy. 
  • It's vacation time! I don't want to exercise! Are you in it for the temporary or the permanent lifestyle change? The goal is to make it a part of your life, no matter where you are. A big benefit is that hotels usually have sweet gym amenities  Take advantage of it. Also, take advantage of jet lag. Get up early and beat the heat and crowds with a power walk. Taking a vacation from being healthy just equals laziness!
  • There is no time, our schedules are even crazier with the kids home. How committed are you? Do you really want to get healthier this summer? If so, MAKE TIME. Schedule it and stick to it!
  • It's too hard. I haven't exercised in ages. What if I can't do it? You have to start somewhere. I don't even care what you are doing, as long as your heart is beating and you have sweat on your brow.Work at your own level. DO NOT compare yourself to others! You are not alone. IM me, comment, email me and I will talk you through it. No negative thoughts. YOU CAN DO IT! I agree with Nike when they say, "If you have a body, you are an athlete!"
Week 1 Challenge
For five days this week get moving for one hour each day. Walk, jog, run, zumba, cross fit, spin, bike, swim, jump rope, DVD, sports, yoga, pilates,  (shall I keep going?)...find something you like and DO IT.

Get your heart pumping, blast some tunes, be proud of that sweat and DO IT. 

Be sure to check Facebook for tips and motivation. Let me know when you did it! Remember, I need your motivation too!
You In?

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Anonymous said...

I'm in! However, I already worked out today (30min) and will do the hour long tue-friday. Thanks for the motivation! Tracy G.